Sunday, December 27, 2009

Recap 3.1.2

Christmas was good. I love spending time with my family. And I got a really cute purse!

I took my tree down today and I must say I'm pretty glad I didn't put any other decorations up. I barely got enough motivation to take down the tree!

Today was a very emotional day at church. It was Pastors Curtis & Charmaine's last day. I will miss them so much!

I'm on vacation this week and I am very happy about that!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


OH My this is the funniest thing!!!!

Make sure you type in Jingle Bell Rock and then type in another song - a non Christmas song too!

Christmas Carols


Monday, December 14, 2009

You will be missed!

Yesterday we found out that Pastors Curtis & Charmaine Bridgeman are starting another chapter in their journey. It's sad news for us, but I know that they are following the will of the Lord so I can't be anything but happy for them! I would like to let them know that they have taught me so much and I will miss them dearly! I wrote this blog awhile back when we were honoring our pastoral staff. It was fitting then and definitely still is!!!


Today I would like to honor Pastors Curtis & Charmaine Bridgeman. Pastors Curtis & Charmaine are absolutely the BEST music and worship leaders I have ever sat under! Not only are they super duper singers & song writers, they also know how to lead us into getting our praise on! Before I came to NMVC, even though I’d grown up in church, I never truly knew what it meant to “get my praise on”. I think that being in the choir and learning from Pastors Curtis & Charmaine helped me know how! When we practice on Tuesday nights, we don’t just learn the songs. Pastors Curtis & Charmaine teach us how to sing the song by making sure we make “ROOOUND SOOOUNDS”, and making sure we properly pronounce words like “PRAISE” instead of “PRAAIZE”. They show us how much feeling to put in the songs by telling us if they were in sitting in the crowd this is what they would look like…Pause for a mental picture (picture Pastor Curtis sitting barely clapping his hands, no emotion on his face, saying “oh that’s a lovely song”). They show us their keen sense of fashion by coordinating our colors each week! They get our minds ready for worship by bringing forth the Word during practice (seriously we practically have church sometimes!) and also by sending encouraging emails during the week. As you can see, they do way more than just “lead the singin”. I think I could probably speak for everyone at NVMC – Thank you Pastors Curtis & Charmain! Thank you for all you do for NVMC! We love and appreciate you! And I know for me personally, it’s an honor to be a part of your ministry!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

the tree and stuff

It’s been a while.

I put the tree up. I think after Christmas I’m going to have to buy another one. This one seems crooked – at the top too, but it’s still pretty. I always love putting up the tree because I forget about the ornaments I have and they make me smile seeing them again.
Even though I have my tree up, I don’t really have any other decorations up, not even sure if I’m going to get them out. It’s just less I have to put away! And plus it’s not my year to “do” Christmas. I had to hurry and wrap some presents to put under the tree because Coney thinks the tree skirt is a dirt pile to hide his food in! He makes me smile.

Speaking of presents, I found the best wrapping paper! and I've decided that every present I give this year will be wrapped in it!

I joined the D2D Drama ministry at church. So far it’s been a lot of fun! We did our first skit Sunday and I think it went well – we got a lot of good feed back so that’s good. And we’ve got some other skits in the works. Right now there are just 4 of us and we have so much fun during practice! We’ll hopefully be doing some videos so I’ll post when we do.