Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here in my car....

As I was driving home today, I heard about a stalled car on the expressway. I thought "Thank you Lord for your blessings" I have been truely blessed with the cars that I've had - I haven't had really big problems with them. The problems I seem to have with cars are usually just weird - for example I had a Ford Probe as my 2nd car. One day after it rained, I turned the windshield wipers off, but they never went down! They were stuck in the up position! It was not until after I got rid of the Probe did I see other cars with the same problem. The car after that was a Chevy Cavalier. One day after it rained, I turned the windshield wipers off, but they never went down! Yes, I just repeated myself - it happened again! So I used to take the fuse out, so I wouldn't look like a nerd driving - that worked fairly well, except for the days that I would drive on the Gene Snyder and it would start pouring down rain and I'd have to pull over and of course the fuses were in the driver’s door! Trying to open your car door in the pouring rain as cars whiz by at speeds of at least 70 mph is not fun! Now for the car I drive currently - there's an annoying "clicking" noise - it sounds like a turning signal - only faster! It doesn't happen that often, but when it does, it's usually when I volunteer to drive to lunch and the people I work with (that drive BMWs and Mercedes) ask "what's that noise?" Oh well I say - it gets me from A to B and it's a conversation piece on the way there!

Monday, August 25, 2008

My day off

Today I had the day off from work. I basically just did stuff around the house and yard but I also "year booked" myself! You should try it!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lazy Blogger

I'm a lazy blogger.....I need to work on that! Its funny how when you start blogging you say to your self, I'm going to be completely honest here, write EXACTLY what I feel! Then you find out people actually read your blog.....I think for the most part I'm honest with my blogs - of course I'm not telling lies, but maybe I don't blog EVERY thing...but then again, do any of us?
Pastor David was back in the pulpit yesterday and I must say, it was good to hear his message! I knew it would be great! He kept it real, as always, and I think stepped on a few toes! Mine were a little bruised when I left! I loved this “People don’t want to escape from sin; they want to escape from the consequences of sin!” (That might not be the EXACT quote, but you get the meaning!) That’s REAL good, Pastor! I do believe I heard a “SHO NUFF” after that one!
I started watching the Olympics last night, but then started flipping channels, I came across the Movie "Noah's Arc". I'm not sure the year of the movie but it had a couple well known actors in it, so I started watching it. I found myself during the movie questioning parts of it. I kept thinking "did that happen?" or "I don't remember that in the story". Then I thought "SHAME on me for not knowing these things!" So after the movie I had to go look it up, of course. As I suspected, there were some things in the movie that were wrong - way wrong! I am blessed to be able to just go to the source! How many people saw that movie and others like it and thought nothing of it, thought that's the way it all happened?
Last night as I was trying to go to sleep, I kept thinking about how I needed to get up and blog everything that was going through my head at that time. This morning I was going to do that but then was reminded of a scripture that’s SO very true! “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” And now for some reason, I can’t think of half the stuff that was going through my head! Go figure…

Monday, August 11, 2008


Last week my dad’s church had VBS. I was talking to my sister and she was telling me that on Friday night they were all in the sanctuary for the “Parents Night” and one of the teachers asked the kids, who could tell her what they learned about on Tuesday night. Of course Samantha raises her hand and says… “I learned how to keep my hands to myself!” My sister is very proud.
I know it's how God works, but it STILL amazes me when I go to church and hear a message and it's EXACTLY what I need! Yesterday's service was absolutely amazing!
I heard some sad news last night. I pray that God bring peace and comfort to those that have lost a dear friend and family member.
Today at work we started "Shape Up the Nation". It's basically a nationwide competition among UPSers - to help us get and stay fit. We formed our teams and we are competing in three categories: weight loss, exercise & # of steps. It's reminding me a lot of NVMC's Biggest Looser competition, only my work didn't give everyone free gym membership!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

What I'm doing tonight....

Hey everyone, come to the Radiate Rock Back to School Concert tonight in Ground Zero! Everyone welcome! Doors open @ 6:30. Featuring ilia, Headwind and our very own Skarlet!
Check them out!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vote for Me!

I've put some pictures on Capture Kentuckiana and hopefully they will make it into the book! Vote for me!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Plan B

Every year the company that I work for does what they call the Business Continuity Build-out exercise. Basically what happens is the cafeteria in my building becomes an airline operations center. They do this in case of emergency. (I would hate to see the emergency that shuts down the whole airline!) Well, guess who gets to be a part of this "exercise" this weekend? It's just another benefit of becoming a "snoopervisor". So tonight at 5:00 PM, yes that's after working the whole day, I get to go down to the cafeteria and move tables around, set up PC's, monitors, phones, access to printers/faxes, etc etc. I heard earlier this week that we're here until like 10:00 or 11:00 PM, but then on the elevator this morning, I heard someone say, it's better now with the flat panel monitors and we're not here that long. THEN on Sunday morning (UGH!) come back in and put everything back. Sounds like a good time, huh? One good thing - I get a day off soon to make up for it. oh and there's pizza too!