Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Name in Lights!

Posted from an Article on (a worldwide UPS site for employees)
AHHHHH YEAH!!!! and they even spelled it right! WOOHOO!

Guess Who Took Action And Won
A few weeks ago, envision – Your Life | Your UPS was launched on in a series of articles and an initial redesign under "My Life and Career" tab. Thousands of UPSers read the articles and hundreds took the time to complete a pulse survey, provide valuable feedback, and compete for prizes.

Thank you to all who participated in the surveys. We value your input and hope UPSers also take advantage of the feedback sections built into the redesigned pages for Pay, Benefits, Career, and Work Environment. The feedback sections are available 24/7 for your use.

Of those who participated in the surveys associated with the envision – Your Life | Your UPS launch, the following UPSers were randomly selected and will receive a prize from the first two drawings.

Overview Article (Week 1): Winners of iPhone
Chrystal DuPont, Package Center Supervisor – Gulf South
Andrew Brauner, Crew Scheduler – Air Group
Everette Ford, Automotive Supervisor – Metro Chicago
Kelley Doby, Brokerage Specialist – Air Group
Brian R. Williams, Package Data Supervisor – Mid South
Wren Bradley, Package Operations Supervisor – South Illinois

Monday, October 29, 2007

New Edition

I’d like to welcome a new edition to my family. Her name is Lucy. She is 6 months old. She is actually my sister’s dog, but I’m going to be watching her for a little bit. My sister has, shall we say, to be polite, an unwanted house guest and needs a little help now. So I am helping her out. As you can tell from the pictures, Coney is taking it quite well and sharing all of his toys!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thoughts on Sunday

I love Sundays! I really like going to both services! It's actually pretty cool, this way I can take notes during the 1st and then let it really sink in during the 2nd! Today's service was one of those that I needed just that!

There is so much excitement around church. I feel like I'm a little kid waiting for Christmas. I just can't wait to see what God is going to do! I'm so looking forward to the day that I write our Pastor an email to tell him what the Lord has done for me!

My nephew spent the night with me last night so he came to church with me. After church my brother in law and my niece came and picked him up. I think they had to wait a few minutes for us to get out of church because when I came to the car my niece says “Aunt Kelley, Where have you been?! We’ve been waiting for 45 hours for you!”

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Today at our Friendly Wal-Mart, I was at the U-Scan. I stood there waiting impatiently thinking “come on lady, I mean how hard is it to scan something and put it in the bag?! If you just put it in the bag, it won’t do that. DANG” I tried not to make faces and huff and puff, but I probably did. FINALLY, the lady was finished. She looked at me and said, “I think there’s something wrong with this U-Scan.” I smiled and said ok, the whole while thinking, “Sure lady, whatever you say.” Then I began to ring up my order. Scan. Didn’t take, scan again, didn’t take, scan again. There it goes. Skip bagging? I just put it in the bag. Next item – scan three times, skip bagging? I just put it in the bag! Next item - I’m sure you get the picture! ALL items, I had to scan like three times and hit the button “skip bagging” each time! So I’m sure the people behind me were waiting impatiently thinking “come on lady, I mean how hard is it to scan something and put it in the bag?! If you just put it in the bag, it won’t do that. DANG”. They tried not to make faces and huff and puff, but they did. FINALLY I was finished so I looked at them and said, “I think there’s something wrong with this U-Scan.” They smiled and said ok, and I'm sure, the whole while thinking, “Sure lady, whatever you say.”
So I wonder how long that went on today before our Friendly Wal-Mart figured out there was something wrong with the U-Scan!?

Friday, October 26, 2007


The wisdom teeth surgery went well. I remember the doctor saying he was going to give me something to relax me, then I remember hearing him say “Can you open just a little wider?” and I thought “see I was awake the whole time!” and I really wasn’t! All in all I would say that my first surgical experience well very well. D&D took care of me afterwards. They let me sleep off the meds on their couch and Dad made chicken noodle soup.
My bottom left tooth was the one they had to cut out so that cheek does look like I got poped in the jaw, but other than that, the swelling is not too bad.
My head's a little fuzzy from the pain meds so blogging right now is not coming easy...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Taming of the Do

Disclaimer: if your hair style resembles this in any way I apologize in advance. I, in no way dislike the hair style on you, but on me, it’s another story. I would also like to apologize in advance to old people, people with or that like big hair and also people that work that the below mentioned salon. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Now for the story!

So my close friend that also happens to be my hair dresser had to cancel my hair appointment today. This is the same hair appointment that had to be rescheduled from Saturday (see Oct 19th blog below). I am in no way upset at my friend; she has VERY good reasons for cancelling. I debated all day on whether or not to cheat on her. Now normally I am not a cheater but I felt like she would understand and not hold it against me. It’s just a cut, it’s not like I was getting a color too! Right?! And I desperately needed a hair cut! So on my way home from work this afternoon I stopped at a local walk in hair salon. Let’s call it Tanfastic Mam’s (See Disclaimer). I walk in, tell the girl I need a haircut and she takes me right back to the shampoo area. She asks “What are we getting done today?” I tell her, I want the same cut I have, but it just needs a trim and to be shaped up. She understood. And besides, I have a pretty easy short cut. It’s pretty popular, nothing too hard. So she shampoos and cuts and I can sort of tell that’s she’s pretty much doing the cut I need. The nervousness is beginning to subside. She finishes and asks if I would like to have it styled. So I figure, she’s doing pretty good so far, what the heck. She starts drying the back; yep it’s close to what I do, then moves to the side; well I’ll probably have to fix that; then turns me around and I can’t see myself in the mirror now but I’m not worried, cause what harm can she do right? So she’s finished, turns me around and I see it. OH. MY. GOSH! It’s horrible! Look how BIG it is and what are these side burns?!!! She says “It’s not too big is it?” I say “No, it’s fine.” But what I really wanted to say was “BIG? BIG is not the word, I mean, the old lady from the 80’s hair salon called and she wants her hair back!” I paid and left and the WHOLE way home I laughed at my hair. I looked in the rear view mirror and just laughed. So when I got home, I just had to take pictures! The real funny thing is, after taking pictures, I had to tame the beast down a bit because I had to go to church and I got so many compliments on the tamed hair! It’ll probably end up being an ok haircut, I just worry about the stylist because she was probably thinking as I was leaving, “oh yeah, I did REAL GOOD!”

Random Thoughts

Some days I can't praise Him enough! Last night I overcame a fear of mine! As a close friend of mine would say "ThinkYa Jeesus!" and that's "Thank you Jesus" for all you non-southerners!

I think the word gubernatorial sounds funny! But it does seem to describe our KY candidates this year – Gubers!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Pray for me folks, I have what doctors call asphalt anger, highway hatred, the turnpike tiff, street stew, road rage! – I think you get the picture! I used to love to drive. I can pretty much say now that I don't anymore! Some days I wish i had a go go gadget arm so I could reach up and mug the person that just pulled out in front of me and then decideds to NOT go the speed limit, in the back of the head!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Tell her what she's won Bob!"

I came back from lunch yesterday to see that I had a voice mail on my work phone. So like a good little employee I check it. Here's what the voice mail said "Dave something from Corporate Employee something...blah blah, talks so fast can't understand you may have won something blah, blah call me @ 404-###-####". At first I was like I'm not calling this guy, he didn't say UPS, it's a long distance number, I never win anything, whatever. But then I was like well he did say "Corporate" and the 404 area code is Atlanta and that's where our Corporate office is and I did take an employee survey a while back that put me in a drawing for a $25 music gift what the heck....So I call Dave. Dave asks me to verify some employee information and then goes on to tell me that I won an I Phone. That right an I-Phone! Oh my goodness! I'm so excited! He said he'll send and email when it's on the way!
Now normally, I'm not a real big Apple fan and certainly wouldn't pay $400 dollars for a cell phone, even if it has an IPod, a touch screen and all the others cool stuff that an IPhone has BUT if you're gonna just GIVE me one, then sure I'll use it! well unless it'll be too much of a hassle to get switched over to AT&T and get out of my Sprint contract, then I might sell it on EBay! But don't tell Dave!

Monday, October 22, 2007

"So You're an actual Doby?!"

Saturday I went to Corbin, KY with my dad for a Doby family reunion. We met up with my 4 (out of 5) aunts, my cousin and one of his daughters, another cousin and his wife and then another cousin's wife. Out of the 40 something people that were there, that's all I knew! I was talking in the car with my dad and asking him if he even knew his aunts and uncles and he didn't, so that's why we don't know any of these people! I had one lady come up to me from "Rose's Line" (she was my dad's aunt) and said "So you're an actual Doby! I've always been fascinated by the Doby side" Um, ok sure lady, um I mean 3rd cousin from Great Aunt Rose's side. Sarcasm aside it was quite interesting to see all this family I never knew I had! And one of my like 3rd cousin's from Aunt Arthie's side put the whole thing together! She's been researching our family tree for a few years now. I got to see a picture of my great grandfather, his name was Robert Doby. What really was sort of sad is it seemed like to me that since none of us really knew each other then I can only speculate that my grandfather and his brothers and sisters weren't close. But I sure am glad that my dad generation did not follow in their footsteps!

I did hear a funny story about my Papaw Doby. After hearing it, it all made sense why my family (including me) are not good with names! So my aunt Sue, Sue is her middle name and her first name is Mickey. we're all sitting around talking and looking at our family tree and my aunt Nan (who is the oldest) says "when Sue was born, we were all talking about what we should name her and Daddy says, I had a sister named Mickey, let's name her that" so then Nan said they all agreed to name her after aunt Mickey. Then Nan points to the family tree and there's aunt "Mickey" name only it's not Mickey! It’s Micah! We laughed! Then Sue says well it gets worse cause back in the 80's she got a hold of her birth certificate and had to change it cause it said "Nookie" Sue Doby! So we're still not sure where that came from! I'll chalk that one up to the nurse not being able to understand my grandparent’s THICK Appalachian accent!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Ok, everyone, I just need to ramble for a bit, try and keep up.
Saturday I had an appointment to get my hair cut and colored. And let me tell you, those that know me know that my hair does not do well with this hair cut when it gets long and it’s WAY past time for both so I really need it. BUT my Dad calls Wednesday and says, “Hey there’s gonna be a family reunion in Corbin Saturday and I want you to go with me.” So I was like ok, because I’ve never met 90% of the people that will be there, I mean dang I didn’t even know my grandfather had brothers and sisters and this should be quite interesting to see a bunch of people with this chin! Surely it came from them! So I called my hair girl, but she can’t get me in before Saturday. Monday would be great for me, but she doesn’t work on Monday, Thursday would be great for me but I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled Thursday and then recuperating on Friday so that leaves Tuesday or Wednesday. Tuesday I have choir and Wednesday is church. So she says how about right after work? Oh did I mention that I have to for 4 10 hour days next week because I have no more vacation days and needed Friday off to recuperate from my surgery? Yeah so JUST for next week only, I don’t get off work until 5:30. So she has one Tuesday but I don’t want to miss Choir cause I haven’t been to Choir in two weeks, 1st week because it was cancelled and this past week, because of a prior church commitment. So what’s left but Wednesday! And she has ONE @ 5:30 SO, I’m gonna be late for church Wednesday and gonna have to come in early and not take a lunch so I can leave early enough to get there by 5:30! Did I mention that I work on North Hurstbourne Lane and she’s out off Dixie in PRP? AND of course I’ll be leaving RIGHT at rush hour! So this, people, is a perfect example of the domino effect! Or chaos, you pick!

Bad Blogger

As you can see from the dates of the blogs that I have not been a good blogger here lately! Well at least not on this site. I started this blog back in June, I think hoping to write something daily. As you can see I haven't. But I have written on blogs on my MySpace so I guess you can say, I've only been half a bad blogger. I promise, I'll do better.