Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jam Packed Long Weekend

Saturday - I went to my nephew, Joseph’s, birthday party. I took 118 pictures! And I was only there for an hour and a half! The kids were a hoot on that slip and slide! After that I went to a cook out with Leslie’s family. Good food, good people, good times

Sunday - church was awesome! Stephanie spoke and she did great! It’s just so amazing to see someone that you grew up with doing their thing for the Lord! Growing up with Stephanie, I just never imagined, we’d be where we are today.
After church, I went to a graduation party for a friend’s daughter. I had made a DVD for her daughter and for her sister’s daughter. Everyone complimented the DVD. I always like to see people’s reactions when they see them; it makes the effort worth it. I didn’t stay long there, mainly because I didn’t know a lot of people. From there I went to my aunt’s for a cookout – that was much better. It’s always fun hanging with family! Took more pictures!

Monday - I went and got my toes did with Leslie, Maggie and Debbie. Our regular place was closed so we ended up @ the Mall - all I have to say is NO mo Hollywood Nail! Then another cookout! I love cookouts! Once again – good food, good people, good times! Oh and corn hole! Christy and I won a total of ZERO games, but are defensive players! We’ll get em next time! I think Randy must practice when he’s not playin in the dirt!

Here are some Pics from Joe's Party
Everyone says she looks like me?!

He Rocks!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is GOOD

I heard something tonight on the radio that really made me think.
We should be searching more for the face of God instead of the hand of God

Just sit and think about that for a while!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Back in the day when a preacher said something real good (like Pastor Harvey did yesterday), that preacher may have gotten an occasional "Amen" or even (in my best Sis Mary Smith voice) a "Praise God". I think the preachers back in the day would have really liked to have heard what I heard yesterday during our services! Another reason I love my church! Keep in mind when you read these, you should read them loudly with a LOT of SOUL!!!
Dats what I'm talkin bout!
Gohead on Preacher!

I've been busy this last week making DVD for some friends I used to work with. Their daughters are graduating this year. I finished them Saturday and in the words of Don Doby "I think it's the best I've ever made!"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Animal Kingdom

What in the world? I let Coney out tonight and this was on my step! I mean, either it's the fattest Salamander I've ever seen or a slug with legs! First the birds and now this! UGH!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kill a Mockingbird Baby...

For those that don't know the "Mockingbird Story" Read This To Kill A Mockingbird? (and if you can't request me as a friend!)

So now that your cracking up, try and settle...
Fast forward 6 months. My dad comes over and trims that bush to a manageable size and removes the nest.
Now fast forward 6 more months to about a week ago, I'm walking up to my door and WHAT do I notice in my OTHER more manageable than the other cherry tree in front of my front window? A NEST! OH NO, not another one! I pick up the pace as I walk to the door. That same night, Leslie is over and offers to dispose of the nest but my gloves were in the shed in the back yard and it was dark, etc, etc and she was "NOT touching that without gloves"
Days go on and no momma bird flies at my head so tonight after I cut my grass, I grabbed my gloves and headed out to the front yard to show this mockingbird who's boss! I put on the gloves and look around....I'm gonna put my head phones back on JUST in case momma bird comes flying, I won't hear her! Grab the nest and what do I find? 3 eggs! Oh Dang! I'm sorry little babies, if your crazy momma hadn't pecked my head last year, you may have had a chance! oh come on like you wouldn't have done the same thing! go ahead, Call PETA! RIP Baby Mockingbirds!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Lovin the County

Me: I need $20 on pump #2

Angry man beside me on a cell yelling at the exact same time: Gimmie Bobby's number!

Woman behind the counter: I'm sorry what was that?

Me: I need $20 on pump #2

Angry man beside me on a cell (still yellin): What's all that noise?!

Woman behind the counter: Thank you have a nice day

Me (smiling): You too

Angry man beside me on a cell (still yellin): I will beat every one of y'all if you don't give me that number

I love Bullitt County!

Random Inkelshead V

My aunt informed me that I left off something on my list of things about me:
51. If you are COG, you might have known my grandpa, his name was Henry Young.
52. My aunt Jennifer is my favorite aunt!
I missed the park hops because of a wedding reception, but that's ok cause it was for Michelle & Bobby! There will be other park hops, but only one wedding! Congrats Michelle & Bobby!!!
I had a blind date Saturday night. It was ok, I guess. No sparks....
Lord, Help me to serve others more!
Lord, when is it my turn????

Friday, May 2, 2008

I only came up with 50!

so I should have done this on my 50th blog!

1. My middle name is Annette
2. I was not named after Annette Funicello.
3. My dad is a preacher.
4. My mom died when I was eleven.
5. I was a typical PK – rebellious!
6. I have four tattoos. I want one more.
7. I had my tongue pierced - twice. (I took it out both times because of “religion”)
8. I’ve worked for the same company for 15 years.
9. I smoked for 17 years.
10. I use humor to make myself more comfortable in uncomfortable situations.
11. I will wear a movie quote out! “Freaky Naughty” and I could go on and on….
12. My friends tell me I’m a good listener
13. I love music
14. I don’t have a college degree…yet
15. I love to cook.
16. I have 5 nieces and 6 nephews.
17. I am a horrible speller and probably rely on “spell check” entirely too much.
18. I’m the one at the family dinners that always has camera in hand waiting for that perfect shot.
19. I like to take pictures.
20. For the last two years, I’ve entered pictures that I’ve taken in the state fair.
21. I have not won any ribbons for those pictures.
22. I have; however won a blue ribbon at a chili cook off at church – the very same year my family had a cook off and I can in DEAD last!
23. I always read the instructions beforehand.
24. I have two left feet. Not really but I don’t dance very well.
25. People have mistaken my sister and I for twins – not really sure why?
26. I don’t deal well with confrontation and will try my best to avoid it. Some people think that’s a weak personality trait, but it makes for a good mediator.
27. I’m a good mediator.
28. The one thing I miss about going out to bars is the live music scene – love a good rock band!
29. I am allergic to cats.
30. My birthmark is a perfect circle
31. I don’t tan easily. (like you can’t tell that by looking at me!)
32. I took Pastor to my senior prom.
33. I started working on this list at blog # 93.
34. I wear glasses to read.
35. I’ve been in five weddings. Each one – the couple is still married! YEA!
36. I’m ashamed to admit it but I’m a fair-weather UK fan and have been since Patino left. Shame on me.
37. I bought my first house in 2006.
38. I like smiley faces, but sometimes don’t like to tell people that I do because then you end up getting gifts like a huge umbrella COVERed in smiley faces.
39. I just finished an 8 week guitar class – I’m not very good.
40. There have only been two albums (CDs) that I’ve owned where I liked every single song on the CD – Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill & Guns & Roses’ Appetite for Destruction.
41. Oh wait there’s three – Sarah Kelly’s Where the Past Meets Today.
42. Sometimes when I joke with people they don’t get it.
43. It’s usually not as funny when you have to explain.
44. I got picked on in the seventh grade.
45. I’ve never been to the Kentucky Derby and I live in Louisville! That’s not really a big deal unless you’re NOT from Louisville.
46. Bathroom humor never gets old to me.
47. The farting preacher on You-Tube cracks me up EVERY time!
48. One of my favorite movies growing up was Annie.
49. I had the birds and the bees talk with my mom after watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie.
50. This is way more difficult than I expected!